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We've worked extensively with Laravel, WordPress and others

As a Content Management Solution (CMS) WordPress that has been averaging 19% (~75 million) of all websites on the internet, that's a huge buy in by the online culture. It is not the only open source content management system in the market and there are some other excellent CMS options like Joomla and Drupal. All of them have a lot in common, and they still have their own pros and cons.

Our experience with CMS solutions is brought into every project we undertake. A project may be prime for a CMS solution or best served as a static website, we apply what is in the best interest for the project and we do not force a project to fit a CMS option.

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Easily and effectively managing your content yourself with a CMS solution only works when you actively manage your content yourself.

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Pros & Cons

The technical


  • Laravel, WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal are all free and open source CMS solutions licensed under GPL
  • All are written primarily in PHP that allows for developers to extend the CMS to the benefit of the website
  • They all support MySQL as their database management system. WordPress exclusively supports only MySQL, while others support alternate database management systems
  • All of them use themes and templates for visual appearance of sites, and plugins, modules, or extensions for extending features
  • As open source software, they are all community-driven projects and are well supported


  • CMS sites are the prime targets for hackers. CMS solutions are always at risk to hackers who break into these platforms; so security always requires extra precautions
  • The dream look and feel of your website can be more of a challenge for the designer to implement. Can pose a longer project developemnt which does impact the cost of the project
  • Special functionality that is unique would require a seperate project to tackle, integrating new functionality into a CMS solution takes an experienced web designer
  • Updates of CMS solutions and the installed plugins requires ongoing maintenance, ignoring the maintenance can open hacker doors and may in some cases stop the site from actually functioning altogether

Buying the most popular theme can mean you look just like your competitor down the street.

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We have extensive experience matching a pre-built theme to projects

There are tons of themes for each and every industry, we can match the best of them to the requirements of the website and then tailor the look and feel to match the clients wishes.

We also can develop a unique theme for a client from scratch. A great solution for a project that may need that totally unique look and feel.

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Jason and his teams’ work with the Sugarshack fundraiser over the last five years has been instrumental to the success of this charity event.

Their work, in terms of capturing the spirit of the night and sharing of our brand and message, has allowed us to nearly double our charitable donations, triple our sponsorship and sell out consistently!

David Brown


If you can think it, there's probably already a plugin for it

From plugins that support SEO and helping the search engines find and index your site to full inventory managed e-commerce shopping carts integrating into your finacial instituions payment processing solution... the power of CMS solutions comes from the plugins and their installation and set up.

We spend considerable time evaluating the plugins, doing research, testing... all prior to suggesting a solution to a client. Not all plugins are built to a quality standard so our due dilligence is key to providing the best plugin tools.

2Design Web's role is to share our knowledge in the online industry and apply that knowledge to your project.

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Located in Calgary Alberta Canada. We are open to work with you regardless of your location.

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